Street children Vocational Training

Program description:

The main goal of this project is the improved social integration of  homeless street children back into mainstream society. In general, there are 3 components to the overall theme of working with such children:

1. Psychosocial support

2. Vocational Training

3. Food and Shelter

This project will aim to primarily focus on the 2nd component i.e. development of Vocational Training skills among the street children along with minor shelter improvements and some psychosocial support.  In this ADRA Azerbaijan regard has submitted a proposal to another donor focusing on the 1st and 3rd needs as mentioned above. The project will help these future adults to understand, learn and develop skill(s) that would be of value to the society and to their economic well-being through potential employment opportunities.  The skills planned on being taught by experienced instructors are:

i. Basic Computer skills and Graphics Design

ii. Sewing

iii. Card making (hand made greeting cards)

The project’s specific objectives are:

a) Improve vocational skills in computers, sewing and card making among children at the ACU shelter home.

b) Increase number of street shelter children going to school.

c) Creating market links in novelty and high-street stores to promote card sales that are designed by the ACU shelter home with a means of generating revenue.

d) Improve overall programs capacity of the NGO “ACU”.

Over a period of 12 months, this project proposes to serve the approximately 170 children and some of their parents that may pass through the NGO ‘ACU’ with basic psychosocial support, vocational training skills development and minimal shelter improvements.