Water filtration Fish farms (donors sought)



OBJECTIVES of this proposed pilot project involving Water Filtration and Economic Development Opportunities are:

1. Enhance self-sustaining capacity of village personnel through establishment of sound, potable water supply services for needy population in Fetelikend village of Saatli rayon and in select IDP settlements in Lachin winter grounds (Takhtakorpu).


2. Training in establishment of improved sustainable environmental fish farms for new and existing local fish farmers in Fetelikend village of Saatli rayon and in select IDP settlements of Lachin Winter grounds (Takhtakorpu).




RESULTS expected are:

1.1.  10 % Reduction in visible incidence of water related childhood diseases like dysentery, cholera, hepatitis, etc.

1.2.  Improved access to potable water for 450persons (100 families) in Fetelikend village of Saatli rayon and for 990 persons (245 families) in Lachin winter ground IDP settlements (Takhtakorpu).

1.3.  50% reduction in average family expenditure on procurement of bottled drinking water.

1.4.  Increased community social participation and interaction through enhanced capacity in managing socio-economic problems within the community.


2.1.  Improved economic opportunities through training in establishment of 10 small-sized fish farms in each community among target population.

2.2   Increased quality of water for fish farms thereby contributing to healthier fish and thereby improved potential earnings of individual/community earnings.


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