Support, Technical Assistance and Development of Milk Value Chain project (STADM-VCP)

This pilot project is expected to support ADRA’s existing and expanding humanitarian portfolio of developmental activities to conflict-impacted communities in Azerbaijan over a one year period (November 1, 2010 to October 31, 2011) with the following specific goal:

  • Enhanced quality and quantity of raw milk and facilitate establishment of milk quality control systems through providing technical assistance, training and advice by means of value chain of milk production and collection in pre-determined areas of Azerbaijan.


As a result of coordinated activities through developed skills of individuals involved in an effective dairy value chain and thus leading to a mutually beneficial financial relationship, shared responsibilities will be formed between small-scale farmers and milk collection points. This pilot project will focus on the knowledge, skills and awareness development of the farmers and milk collection point’s personnel’s in Saatli and Sabirabad regions and will strive to fulfill the following general objectives:

  • Provide information, to:

broaden dissemination of improved cattle-breeding techniques and enhanced awareness of farmers on raw milk quality control system;

to create demand for the services through trainings and practical techniques on progressive farming methodologies;

improve market access to increase farmer’s income in addition to generation of local employment opportunities on a sustained basis.

to provide training and advisory services to improve skills and knowledge of technicians at milk collection points; facilitate communication and coordination among milk value chain shareholders.

  • Specific objectives to be achieved:
    • Improved farmers awareness to market information and access to the market;
    • Improved cattle-breeding through nutrition, veterinary surgeon and Artificial Insemination techniques;
    • Improved sanitary condition of the dairy and Animal husbandry farms;
    • Improved access to credit services at competitive rates.
    • Developed farmers’ business management and entrepreneurship skills;
    • Created demand for the services though trainings and practical techniques.
    • Help/assist in developing Milk Quality Specialist (technicians at MCPs) and subsequently an improved MQS.


Currently there is one program partner located in Bilasuvar namely the Bilasuvar-Agro Milk Processing Unit who will provide technical support (limited laboratory equipment) and help farmers have better access to loans while implementation will be carried out with with the help of its Milk Collection Points in Saatli and Sabirabad. ADRA will provide training and consulting services to Milk Collection Point technicians and improve awareness of milk quality indicators among 3500 informal farmers at Saatli and Sabirabad during the first year of project. Additional possibility of involving farmers in other rayons is subject to future funding opportunities and some costs being supported by our future partner(s).

Program proposes to serve:

  • 3500 direct beneficiaries (informal farmers) and 17 500 indirect beneficiaries (5 family members for one direct beneficiary) in Saatli and Sabirabad regions;
  • 80 direct beneficiaries from milk collection points will receive certificates from VTC Dairy Milk collection points technicians course;
  • 13 milk collection points’ key staff, 26 people (2 people for each), will receive consulting services.

ADRA Azerbaijan will utilize a few but innovative low-cost approaches to identify and reach program beneficiaries. Methods will include continued outreach to existing and developing rural community groups through milk-collection point staff Or locally-hired staff. ADRA will leverage its existing program and institutional network (Vocational Training Center in Agjabedi) to deliver program activities to both existing and identified beneficiaries.

As of April 2012, 850 farmers have received non-collateral loans from Bank Respublika  Joint Stock Company to buy quality cows whose total worth exceeds over a million US dollars.

As of April 25, 2011 (6 months completed) some brief achievements are as follows:

  • 18 informal groups formed and trained out of which 16 groups comprising of 97 farmers have received credit from Bank Respublika Joint Stock Company.
  • Total amount disbursed by Bank Respublika JSC through these loans is 147,500 AZN through which 130 cows have been purchased.
  • No collateral security on these loans is required.
  • This is leading to strengthening existing market chains through improved services, both financial and technical.
  • 'SABA' non-banking credit union headed by Tofiq Rzayev (affiliated to Bilasuvar Agro MMC) is schedule to open shortly to help aid farmers to better access to credit services.

Project Director: Ahmad Aliyev

Address: Ismat Qaibov street, alley 1, apt. 2 Ganja City

GSM (Mobile): +99450-2205675
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Project Consultant: Hasan Musayev Ph.D

TUBA Consulting LTD

Address: Shirvani Str, Alley 3, House 4, Ganja, AZ2006, Azerbaijan

Phone/Fax: +994.22.581545;

GSM: +994.70.2417155 ;

GSM: +994.50.3427671

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Head of SABA non-banking credit Union: Tofiq Rzayev

Address: Saatli

GSM (Mobile): +99450-2339371



















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