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The UN’s General Assembly had declared 2012 “The International Year of Sustainable Energy for All”


In view of the above statement a part of the above short documentary film 'Energy and Hope' will shed 
a bit of light on a source of energy or rather, an almost forgotten principle, that is abundantly found in Nature, i.e. Implosion, 
triggered by planetary motion (of air or water).

The film covers the following topics/projects:

1. Renewable Energy (briefly touching Climate Change) – Around 10 minutes.

2. Tree Nursery project – 1 min (2 million trees grown and distributed in Azerbaijan since 1999).

3. Vocational Training – (More than 5000 IDPs trained in Agjabedi/Ganja regions).

4. Milk Value Chain Development – (850 dairy farmers received training and non-collateral loans to buy quality cows in

cooperation with Bilasuvar Agro LLC).

As of today, this principle (Implosion triggered by planetary motion) is not widely accepted or even understood yet by most of
us but it is our best chance to be truly sustainable and try reverse the great harm that we are continuously bringing upon our
planet Earth by burning of fossil fuels. In contrast, the driving principle of most of our current energy applications is predominantly based on excessive use of one disharmonious type of motion/principle, in this case 'Explosion', which is the exact opposite of Nature-based Implosion. An attached diagram will help in understanding the basic differences between these two opposite principles. Moreover, mankind's current trend in tackling Climate Change seems to be one of adaptation rather than Mitigation.

The Implosion principle can be observed in Tornados, Spiral galaxies, natural movement of water and air, movement of plant sap,and also through study of water movement through the gills of the mountain trout fish. There is a strong tendency for air, water and atomic particles to move in a spiral vortical manner, which is based on the earth's planetary motion i.e. three-way 
motion/movement of the earth around the sun. This is something we generally don't get taught at school.

We have tried to explain the Nature-based Implosion principles with simple terminology. However, more details and time is 
needed to completely explain it which includes terms like:

- reduction in temperature and volume of water-flow resulting in energy release,
- biological vacuum,
- natural frequency,
- velocityof the earth around/along the sun (2.1 million Kms/hr 0r 600 Kms/second),
- weight of the atmosphere,
- Conversion of earth's medial masses into its fourth and fifth dimensions, etc).

But we could not include these into the film due to time and cost constraints.

We would like to leave you to watch the enclosed film (Energy and Hope) with the following words originally written by the late 
Austrian forester Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) and translated by Callum Coats:

' The majority believes that everything hard to comprehend must be very profound. This is incorrect. What is hard to 
understand is what is immature, unclear and often false. The highest wisdom is simple and passes through the brain directly 
into the heart'.

The late marketing and innovation visionary Steve Jobs once said that, “simple can be harder than complex”.


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