Food security

Karabakh project (2).

ADRA Azerbaijan last week distributed humanitarian aid in the Fizuli district to families whose homes were destroyed, as well as to those who lost livestock and agricultural land as a result of the bombing. This project was written by ADRA Azerbaijan and was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The humanitarian aid was designed for a family of 5-6 people to provide basic necessities such as flour, rice, butter, sugar, pasta, buckwheat, canned food, etc. for about two months.🙏

We express our sincere gratitude :

1. To our sponsors ADRA International, ADRA Europe and other organisations;

2. To 166 Yükdaşıma və Logistika company and their employees Anar, Ravan, Mais and Khayal for their personal participation and assistance in delivering cargo to this region.

3. To Mr. Ilham – employee of the Executive committee of Alixanli village, Fuzuli district for assistance in organizing and distributing food packages.

4. As well as all the volunteers.