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Karabakh project.

Adra Azerbaijan together with local sponsors provided humanitarian aid, providing warm clothing, medicines and water to residents of the affected areas of our country.

As a result of shelling and rocket attacks, many residents lost their homes, numerous livestock of large and small animals were killed, hectares of agricultural crops were destroyed, private facilities, factories, schools, kindergartens were damaged and destroyed. In this regard, many people were left without means of subsistence. In the near future, after receiving confirmation from the government, ADRA Azerbaijan will distribute food packages containing flour, sugar, butter and basic necessities to families living in two major districts based on the state list of affected families in particular need of humanitarian assistance.

In addition to the frontline zone, a number of peaceful cities located 60-180 km from the combat zone were affected by rocket attacks. One of them is the second largest city after Baku in terms of population – Ganja. A large number of residents were affected. Due to the destroyed houses, people were left homeless, without warm clothes, bedding, dishes. Many lost their relatives, children, and parents. ADRA will also do everything possible to help in this region. ADRA is one of the international non-governmental organizations operating in emergency situations in all regions of Azerbaijan for more than 26 years.

Given the statistics of the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, ADRA Azerbaijan follows strict rules to ensure the safety of our employees and volunteers during humanitarian events. We always pray for Azerbaijan and for a peaceful sky above our us.